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Epidemic Disease and Northern Colonialism

"Freeze-up, Break-up, and Colonial Circulation" has been published in a special issue of the Journal of Northern Studies edited by Rafico Ruiz, Paula Schönach, and Rob Shields. The article draws on the experiences of two epidemics, scarlet fever in 1865 and influenza in 1928, that spread down Deh Cho / the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories and across the northern Yukon with devastating effects on Gwich'in, Dene, Inuvialuit, and Metis populations. By situating the spread of these pathogens in the cryospheric fabric of the North, the article examines how colonialism in northern Canada changed relationships with ice, snow, and water profoundly affecting community experiences with infectious disease.

Read the article and check out the entire issue at the Journal of Northern Studies.

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