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Funded MA opportunity

Industrial History of the Rocky Mountains and Foothills

The SSHRC project “Mining, clearing, and reclaiming the Rocky Mountains and foothills, 1947-2018,” has funds available to support two Master’s students.

The project is looking at industrial resource operations (mining and forestry especially) in the Rocky Mountains and foothills after 1945 from the perspective of environmental and energy histories. The project asks questions about the choices made in recent decades to exploit or protect resources in the Rockies and foothills and the environmental consequences of these decisions. It examines the shifting contexts in which value was assigned to coal deposits, forests, water, or tourism and the trade-offs necessary to permit or prohibit industrial activities.

Funded Master’s projects should focus on some aspect of the environmental or energy history of the Rocky Mountains (in Alberta or BC) or the foothills after 1947. Interested applicants should contact Dr. Piper ( directly with a thesis project proposal not to exceed 300 words and a short biographical statement that identifies relevant qualifications by November 30, 2020. Applicants must also successfully apply to the MA History program (see the Department website for entrance requirements). The deadline for that application is January 25, 2021.

Funding packages will be for a two-year, thesis-based program of study starting Fall 2021 on a subject connected to the project objectives. Funding will be $26,000 / year for two years ($52,000 total) and will come in the form of a combined fellowship and research assistantship. Renewal in year 2 is subject to acceptable performance in year 1. Additional research and training funds may be available during the program.

As Dr. Piper is currently on sabbatical, emailed questions are welcome but may not receive an immediate reply.

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