• Interested in Graduate Studies?


    Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing graduate studies in history at the University of Alberta. I'm willing to supervise students at the MA and PhD level interested in studying Canadian history, in particular histories of western and northern Canada, and environmental history.


    Past and present graduate projects that I'm supervising include:



    S. Blais – "American Corporate Imperialism in Canada: The Case of A. Booth and Company and Lake Winnipeg’s Commercial Fishery, 1890-1915” 2017.
    D. Brett, "Strategic Non-Renewable Resource Governance: A History of Alberta Oil Sands Royalty Regulations,Public Finances, and Global Oil Markets." 2015.

    E. Lizee, "Rhetoric and Reality: Albertans and their Oil Industry under Peter Lougheed." 2010



    S. Blais. "Struggling to Survive: Health Impacts of Hydroelectric Development in Northern Manitoba’s Indigenous Communities, 1954-2018." In progress.

    S. Buchczyk. "‘Wilderness, All-Inclusive’: The Development of Wilderness-Eco-Lodging in Alaska." 2017. Joint degree program with LMU. Co-supervisor with Dr. C. Mauch.

    H. Green. "The Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in and the Cost of Gold: Mining, Colonialism, and Environmental Change in the Klondike, 1890-1940." 2018.

    S. Langlois. "Uranium Fever: Canadian Uranium in the American Nuclear Weapons Program, 1942-1963." In progress.

    H. Longley. "Indigenous Communities, Resource Extraction Conflicts, and the Environmental History of the Oil Sands Industry, 1960-2014." In progress.

    B. Vranich. "Navigating the Nahanni: Negotiating National Myths and a Northern Riverscape." PhD candidate in FKSR. Co-supervisor with Dr. Z. Robinson.


    Postdoctoral Opportunities


    The University of Alberta also has opportunities for postdoctoral studies including Killam and Notley postdoctoral fellowships. You can find more information about these on the UAlberta website.


    Postdoctoral Fellows:

    B. Bradley. "Highway Modernization in the Canadian Rockies, 1955-1970." Grant Notley 2015-2017.

    P. Van Huizen. "Petroleum West: An Environmental and Social History of the North American Oil and Gas Network." SSHRC 2013-2015.

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