• Interdisciplinary Mountain Studies

    Thinking Mountains

    As one of several mountain studies scholars working at the University of Alberta I was on the steering committee of each of our international, interdisciplinary Thinking Mountain conferences, held every three years since 2012.

    Our most recent conference, in Banff Oct 2018, featured over 150 participants, field trips, three keynotes, and three public sessions co-organized with community and First Nation organizations from the Bow Valley.

    Photo credit: Hereward Longley, 2018

    Sustaining Mountain Cultures in the Canadian West

    From 2016-19, I directed the Front Ranges project as part of a KIAS Research Cluster with colleagues from Augustana Campus and the faculties of Kinesiology Sport and Recreation and Science at the University of Alberta. Through this research cluster we organized a field trip to Jasper National Park in collaboration with Parks Canada and the Mountain Legacy Project, as well as conference sessions and research articles.

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